Lifehack: Where to find unforgettable gifts.

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Throughout my whole life I always had trouble choosing gifts. Not because I don’t know what to get, but because I want it to be an outstanding, unusual and unique way of telling them: “I remember what you love and what you do”.
But what to do when a person has everything they need, but coming empty-handed will give you a guilt trip?

Let me introduce you to our new hero: Wonder.full box!
A new startup business that was recently launched in Beirut is here to save you from headaches and endless hours in stores.

Before starting the business, there was a whole year of preparations and travelling  through our beautiful country from south to north in order to discover and handpick the best experiences you can think of and here is the outcome: Wind-surfing classes, one-on-one private chocolate workshop, personal shopper, hike on the wild side of Lebanon and many other activities that will prove you that gifting experience brings much more memories and emotions than materialistic goodie.

You can find 4 types of experiences: Glamour, Adventure, Harmony and Gourmet.
Motorbike lessons? Check! Couture class on how to create a clutch? Check! Whisky masterclass? Check!
How it works: Whenever you have a gift to make, just follow your feeling and pick a box.  In each box there is a catalogue with a selection of 10 handpicked activities related to the theme. The lucky receiver has one full year to choose his or her favorite activity, and enjoy it to the fullest!

Wondering how this idea came to life, I had a small chat with Saria Hanna Moutran (lovely lady behind the brand) who explained why experience is the NEW and RIGHT thing to gift: It is a common belief that a material product will make us happier for a longer time because it remains with us forever. However, psychologists have proven that as soon as we adapt to something, it stops making us happy. Unlike material products, experiences become part of us, part of our story and our journey. They shape our identities and make us richer human beings. We live an experience with our five senses, we become part of it, therefore of the gift. Which makes it an unforgettable gift!”

Saria herself says that one of her most memorable gifts she ever received is also an adventure: “At the time I was in a long-distance relationship with my now-husband. He concocted a surprise weekend: We took a train, and then another smaller one. I discovered the most charming, authentic and pretty place on Earth! It is called Cassis, in South of France. It is very much known for its cliffs (calanques) that go right down into the Mediterranean. Good food, good wine… it is certainly an unforgettable gift!”

The “experience gift” is not a new thing for me. Where I come from the trend of these kinds of gifts started around 5 years ago. I personally never bought ready packages and was always found of finding all these instructors, workshops and classes myself. (But then again, I am this kind of person who never went to travel agencies and prefers to go through this headache herself).  But now that I started to appreciate my time a bit more and there are actually people who are ready to help me in this and did a great research, I am definitely putting my faith and trust in their experienced hands.

I am really hoping that it will receive the right amount of appreciation in Lebanon, because let’s be honest: gifting jewelry, items with a brand name on it, expensive alcohol - is an absolute cliché. Start making some effort people!

For those out there who love me and wonder what to get for my upcoming Birthday:

P.P.S. Just look how beautiful is their packaging!