Beirut Series. The story of a very small and bullied city.

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If you are an active follower of my blog, you might’ve already noticed by now that my posts are full of sarcasm, dark humor and often criticism towards the place I live in. 

Not a while ago, I’ve been doing what most of us do – carelessly surfing Instagram and ending up on pages of absolute strangers.  I’ve seen the ugly side of it – selfies, useless snaps and other trash you really don’t want to have on your timeline and the beautiful side of it – profiles where people have an eye for beautiful things. One of these profiles caught my attention. It was a Polish guy who currently lives in Berlin and takes pictures of various cities he goes to. After enjoying dozens of mesmerizing views that make me want to go and check these places immediately, I stopped for a moment and tried to remember if there are any Instagram accounts that are not overloaded with HDR images of the city I live in (except for LiveLoveLebanon) and I could not think of any! 

A lot of my friends back in Moscow have no idea how my new home looks like and something tells me they see it as a desert full of savages and camels.

People who know me also know that I don't have a car nor know how to drive. Why? I get this pleasure of walking around the city and picking new roads each day. All this time that you spend in traffic, I spend on enjoying views, whether it’s a highway, an abandoned street or clouds in the sky. I get to pause, capture a moment in my head and continue my life. Usually I would continue my walk without documenting it digitally, but exactly 2 weeks ago something changed. I felt the need to share images with the rest of the world.

This is how #BeirutSeries were born.

I’ve started this project as a side thing, with a thought that you don’t have to live in NewYork-London-Paris-Berlin-Barcelona-Milan to be inspired by the city and its architecture. Any city you live in can be beautiful and full of magic. You just need a right mindset to see it and embrace it. #BeirutSeries aim is to show people who can’t even locate Lebanon on the world map, how lovely it can be here.

I would like to tell everyone a story. A positive story of very underrated city in a very small country with beautiful people.

I hope you will find time to check #BeirutSeries on Instagram and maybe share your own stories and feelings about the city. And if you do - don't forget to share your feedback.

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  1. What a great interesting read this is. I absolutely agree with the fact that lebanon with all its bulliness its a beautiful country and beirut is magical, filled with superficial people that only care about looks and other nonsense. I would love to share with pictures ive taken for one of the most beautiful cities in the worls (other than beirut), montreal. During my 6 years there, i never bought a car, but a bicycle and man the views were stunning. Great to see a beautiful spirit in your blog. Gabriel